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The axon knowledge based- company was founded in 2013 with the aim of researching and producing heat and moisture nano insulators. After research and development, the company has succeeded in producing nano-insulator smart colors with a variety of applications. Nano insulator Smart color is an advanced composite made of ceramic and polymer materials in nanometer and micrometers dimension that can reflect the wide range of thermal waves. This composite, with its three advanced mechanisms of reflection, thermal diffusion and thermal conductivity, prevents heat transfer to the lower levels. This color with a reflection of 95% in the sunlight, 98% full of greenhouse heat and thermal conductivity of 0.03 w / mk is an appropriate heat insulation. The reduction of 50% of sound waves and water absorption of less than 3% makes this color superior to acoustic, thermal, and moisture insulation compared to traditional insulators. The external specimen is sold with SUPER THERM in the United States and Europe. Considering the experiments performed, the nano insulator smart color has been shown to be more effective compared to that.

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